Mpje 2019 reddit

Mpje 2019 reddit

Preparing for your MPJE can feel overwhelming. There is a lot to remember, as well as understand. Each participating state board of pharmacy approves those questions that are specific to the federal and state laws of the jurisdictions in which test-takers are seeking licensure.

Test-takers must take a separate examination for each state or jurisdiction in which they are seeking licensure. If your eligibility period is 10 business days or fewer, you need to submit a new application, and the board provides new eligibility dates for you. If your eligibility period expires within 10 business days, it can be enormously challenging to purchase an exam and to schedule an appointment to test before the eligibility period expires.

NABP advises you to purchase your MPJE examination as soon as you get eligibility and to schedule an appointment to test as soon as you receive your Authorization to Test ATT letter to ensure that your requested appointment time is available. Test-taker must submit a Retake Request Form and supporting documentation within three business days of your missed appointment to qualify for the reduced fee.

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Emergency circumstances are assessed on a case-by-case basis to determine if you are responsible for any fees. NABP requires medical documentation for verification purposes. Candidate must submit an obituary or death certificate.

Candidate must submit a copy of the police report. Candidate must submit a copy of the court summons. Candidate must submit a copy of the paperwork from the military. Retake fees is assessed when you miss your scheduled testing appointment without following the proper cancellation procedures; this includes when you are turned away at the testing center for having incorrect identification and arriving late for your scheduled appointment.

If you fail to appear at your appointment, ATT will no longer be valid; therefore, you must purchase a retake to get a new ATT to schedule a new testing appointment. We encourage you to review the Bulletin before requesting a retake to ensure that you have the most current procedures.

You are permitted a maximum of 5 attempts per jurisdiction or state to pass the MPJE. After a failed attempt, you are required to wait 30 days per jurisdiction or state to next attempt the MPJE.

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Some cases are exempt, as NABP member boards retain the authority to determine the number of attempts per candidate in their jurisdiction. If you fail MPJE or have to retake the MPJE, test-takers must begin the application process again, including paying the application and examination fees.

The board of pharmacy reconfirms eligibility and test-takers must adhere to the day waiting period. MPJE Testing experts recommend starting to prepare months before taking the examination. Our MPJE learning module allows time to take practice tests and then focus on areas that need extra study. Prepare a daily plan that includes working on a practice test and understanding the rationale for each question.

Our practice tests are designed to maximize your study time and focus on MPJE blueprint topics. You can attempt questions as many times as you like in the 90 days from the day of your purchase. Read the question carefully, analyze the reasoning and select the best option.Every year, Reddit produces a Transparency Report to provide users with information about the types of requests that we receive from third parties that may require Reddit to: a remove content from the platform; or b disclose private user data.

This year, we have expanded our Transparency Report to include more information on content removed from Reddit, including Reddit Content Policy removals, Content Manipulation removals, subreddit removals, and subreddit quarantines. This additional information increases transparency for our users and helps show our support for initiatives such as The Santa Clara Principles on Transparency and Accountability in Content Moderation.

This report provides information on the reporting period from January 1 — December 31, We put a lot of time and effort into accurately counting the numbers in this report, but we will let you know if we find errors. Reports for previous years can be found here. The way Reddit handles content moderation today is unique in the industry.

We use a governance model akin to a democracy—where everyone has the ability to vote and self-organize, follow a set of rules, and ultimately shares some responsibility for how the platform works. These rules are tailored to the unique needs of each individual community, and are often highly specific.

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Next, we have our Content Policythe fundamental rules everyone on Reddit must follow. Every day, millions of people around the world submit posts, comments, and other content to Reddit, and Reddit regularly receives requests to remove some of this content from the platform.

mpje 2019 reddit

This section provides information on the volume of content removed from Reddit in — by both Mods and Admins. We also provide information, where applicable, on appeals and content reinstatement requests. Each community on Reddit is required to have at least one volunteer Moderator.

These individuals are either assigned by default when they create the subreddit, or appointed by other moderators. The vast majority of content removals on Reddit are executed within individual subreddits by Mods. InMods removed 84, pieces of content from Reddit. This represents the vast majority of all non-spam content removals on Reddit in These removals are largely based on individual subreddit rules that are unique to each community and set by the moderators and communities themselves.

While there may be overlap between enforcement of these rules and the Reddit Content Policy, Moderator actions are entirely separate from removals carried out by Reddit Administrators. Chart 2: Mod Removals vs. Admin Removals for Content Policy Violations not including spam or other content manipulation at scale.

This figure includes content removed for spam and other scaled content manipulation violations, but does not include content removed for violations of copyright or other legal removals see Copyright Removals and Legal Removals sections below for more. Content removals in this section of the Transparency Report represent the vast majority of Admin removals on Reddit. Admins may also action accounts that are attempting to artificially manipulate content on Reddit.While I like to focus my time on clinical pharmacy topics, I deeply care about the profession of pharmacy and wanted you to all be aware of this troubling situation.

mpje 2019 reddit

My friend Tony Guerra pays close attention to the numbers surrounding graduation and the pharmacy job market. Needless to say, he has been posting a lot of negativity lately. Pharmacy job losses seem to be happening all across the country.

Even experienced pharmacists are having a difficult time getting jobs while new graduates and students are having a harder time getting residencies and their first job. I believe that the primary reason for this has been the rapid expansion of pharmacy schools. As a result, the board is not releasing the CPJE results until further notice. We will release more information as we are able to do so. This situation is just sad, and I have so many mixed feelings about it.

My sympathy definitely goes out to those who have recently taken the CPJE and were not part of this scandal. With the current job market and not knowing if and when you might become licensed after spending years of your life in school would be a very stressful burden. If anyone hears about an update on this troubling situation, please feel free to leave a comment below or you can send me an email here.

Score Results

We will have better days as a profession. Love the blog? Over 6, subscribers now follow! Tags: cpjempjepharmacy job marketpharmacy schoolpharmacy student.

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What happened to pharmacy being the most trusted health care profession? This story makes me extremely sad for our profession. Since it is Suicide prevention month and the rates are increasing with time. Could you please make a post on the same. It would be insightful for all your readers. If I remember correctly there was a college professor who was giving students the test questions.

They closed the Naplex for about 3 months and then released a new one with all new questions. Agreed, this is awful for students and residents who had not taken the law test prior to July 8th not positive on the date but had seen some cut off elsewhere. Are residency programs allowing temp licenses, etc? It would be a travesty for a resident to be dismissed because of this.

Lets say they have to be licensed by Sept 30th, hopefully you get some leeway — but what if you failed and then trying to take it again… yikes. Such a bummer for a multitude of reasons. At least if the BOP does that, it will set an example for all those who are thinking about cheating.Even though most of the information included in the MPJE is covered at one point during pharmacy school, you will definitely want to take some time to refresh your memory prior to the exam.

Each study guide is rated on a scale of 1 lowest to 5 highest and listed in order of rank. Federal questions are also available. Each of the tested topics is discussed in a step-by-step manner with exam-style practice questions.

It includes sample exam san interactive table of contents for quick access to sections of interest, clearly identified notes and comments, and additional hyperlinks to reference materials, statutes, rules, and regulations. Federal Pharmacy Law. Alexander Niyazov, PharmD. New Jersey. North Carolina. I wish you the best of luck in passing your MPJE. Happy studying! Alex Barker is the founder of The Happy PharmD, which helps pharmacists create an inspiring career, break free from the mundane "pill-flipping" life.

He's also the Founder of Pharmacy School HQ, which helps students get into pharmacy school and become residents. Continuing Education. Please enter valid email address. Login Register. Update Profile Logout. Cardiovascular Health.

Transparency Report 2019

Chronic Kidney Disease. Rheumatoid Arthritis.Please have your Candidate Number ready when contacting the Board. You will receive your license days after all examinations have been passed and the license number has been issued. Be prepared to log in with your name, the last four digits of your Social Security number, and your date of birth to access your score results on the secure NABP Web site.

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Please be advised that NABP does not recognize as official candidate-provided score results, regardless of the format in which the candidate provides or makes available such results. Only score reports issued by NABP through the boards of pharmacy are considered official reports.

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Please call NABP if you have any questions at These score results do not constitute a license to practice pharmacy. The individual boards of pharmacy have the authority to issue licenses.

What is the best way to prepare for MPJE?

Contact the board of pharmacy in the jurisdiction s where you seek to practice for more information on obtaining licensure. Skip to Main Content. You must have Javascript enabled to see this menu. Notice: JavaScript is not available in your browser. Some enhanced features will not be available until JavaScript is enabled. The Board is working to bring these scores to the web site. The posting by NABP of a passing score on an examination does not constitute a license to practice pharmacy in Maryland.

Currently, score results are available online for candidates who are taking the NAPLEX or MPJE for the following states and jurisdiction: Please be advised that NABP does not recognize as official candidate-provided score results, regardless of the format in which the candidate provides or makes available such results.

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mpje 2019 reddit

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I would recommend going to the About Me page which will provide my qualifications. During that time, I became a pharmacy regulatory expert and I am currently licensed in 16 states which required passing 15 MPJEs proof and 2 state specific pharmacy law exams AR and VA.

mpje 2019 reddit

I did not hold anything back, this is what I did each and every time and will continue to do. Hopefully you find value in the information provided and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask here.

It may take me 72 hours or so to respond, but I will respond. I enjoy helping people succeed and pass the MPJE. It is a very rewarding experience. Taking the MPJE is an intense experience since so much relies on passing the exam. This is where my disclaimer comes in, this process worked for ME and may not work for you exactly, but I still feel there is a wealth of knowledge where you can adopt parts of the process and make it work for you. There are no shortcuts, you will have to put in the time and study the material.

What I do guarantee is that you will find something of value after reading the entire guide. I read the entire content but I skim over sections such as Offenses and Penalties, Wholesalers or Manufacturers. They may be listed separately since laws are based on statutes passed by state legislatures and regulations are standards and rules adopted by state pharmacy boards since they govern pharmacy practice disclaimer: this is my interpretation of the difference and not meant to be a legal definition.

I would not have done well in law school, too much reading. I should mention that some state boards list all their pharmacy laws and regulations in one area and they are easy to read Arizona is a great example. Other states do not compile the information in a user friendly manner, so you have to be diligent in making sure you locate all the needed resources.

As I read the content, I will mark the sections that I want to read again before the exam. You can also take notes while you read which can help you retain the information. You would then reference your notes the days prior to the MPJE.

One technique I used was printing the pharmacy laws and regulations and as I read each page, I made three stacks. One for pages I wanted to read again before the exam, one for pages that were relevant but I would only review if I had time, and one for pages that I did not plan on reading again.

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This section can be a gold mine for useful information, usually based on questions that are asked of the pharmacy board over and over again. The board would then offer their interpretation of a law or regulation which is what counts.

You can find the newsletters listed for each state here. Just click on the state and scroll down; if there is a newsletter published it would be listed [bonus: it also gives you a link to subscribe to newsletter]. A great example is this newsletter by the state of Arizona which discusses Patient Consultation and Continuing Education.

Review Federal laws and regulations. I no longer study up on federal law as I have become very familiar with most of the major points, since I have been in practice for 15 years. I do get caught off guard here and there with some specific law or regulation that I do not remember, but for the most part, my Federal knowledge is very solid.

My recommendation is to approach Federal laws and regulations the same way you approach the state level content. As I mentioned above, you have to put in the time and it will take many hours of preparation to pass the MPJE. It is hard but not impossible, even though it may appear that way with the amount of content you have to review. The usual case is State being stricter than Federal.

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